About Us

FitActivator birthed by our founder, Heather, with the desire to promote health and make fitness enjoyable. As a medical student constantly seeing the detrimental effects of an unhealthy life style, Heather decided she wanted to provide every individual with all they needed to be successful in their quest of leading a healthy lifestyle. FitActivator's ultimate goal is to grow to be a one stop fitness shop, be it in ensuring that our customers are in stylish wear because we believe: Look Good. Feel Good. Train Good and providing them with all the latest accessories to make their workouts more effective.

At FitActivator we believe that Health is much bigger than just working out, which is why 10% of all profit proceeds go to charitable causes. Currently we are feeding, clothing and sending children to school in Africa. Please visit our Charity page for more.

We are a small, black owned business with the desire to take the world by storm with your help.