Here at FitActivator we believe health is more than just working out. We believe that health has many facets which include being well fed and having hope for the future.

From the age of fourteen our founder has been sponsoring children to go to school. Since the launch of Fitactivator we have continued to donate to schools and with your help we are able to not only feed and cloth children but also ensure they stay in school. "Today, one in three Africans 422 million people—live below the global poverty line. They represent more than 70 percent of the world’s poorest people." Whilst we understand that we will never be able to help every child living under these inhumane conditions we are understand the little we can do will go a long way and we will continue to do more with your help as the brand expands.

Your purchases enables our Feed Hope initiative reach more children in Southern Africa. We donate 10% of our profit proceeds to this cause. When you buy Fitactivator you not only change your life but also change a life so thank you.